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Your One-Stop IP Law Firm in Thailand

TMP Intellectual Property offers comprehensive support for your business and IP assets, guiding you through every step of securing and managing your intellectual property rights in Thailand. From registering to enforcing IP rights, our team ensures robust protection and strategic management of your intellectual assets. Connect with us to safeguard your innovations with Thailand’s leading IP professionals.

About us

Comprehensive protection for intellectual property!

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, TMP Intellectual Property is a full-fledge Intellectual Property law firm providing services on patent, design, trademark and copyright matters for companies in all sectors and business areas, to protect, defend and leverage their IP assets in Thailand and overseas.

IP Guides

Our IP Guides in Thailand: Prosecution Essentials

Access and download our comprehensive 2024 guides on Trademark, Patent, Design, and Copyright to gain essential insights into the latest rules and regulations governing IP rights registration and prosecution in Thailand. Ensure you’re fully informed and equipped to navigate the complexities of intellectual property with ease:

International Presence and Recognition

As active participants in the IP community worldwide, we maintain a close network of associates with cutting-edge expertise, ensuring robust protection for our clients’ IP rights overseas. Our dedication to IP law excellence is reflected in numerous industry accolades.