Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2024, TMP Intellectual Property adopted two roadmaps, one for Corporate Environmental Sustainability and one for Inclusion and Diversity. These Roadmaps have been drafted on the basis of an internal survey conducted among TMP team members.

The Roadmap for Corporate Environmental Sustainability details our commitments and specific actions taken for:

(1) sustainable energy and resource management;
(2) pollution prevention;
(3) reducing and managing waste; and
(4) raise awareness on environmental issues.

The Roadmap for Inclusion and Diversity details our commitments and specific actions taken to ensure:

(1) a transparent hiring process;
(2) equal growth opportunities and working conditions; and
(3) wellbeing at the work place.

Both roadmaps come with a Charter, which all employees should adhere to.

For any inquiries regarding these roadmaps and their corresponding charters, or if you wish to receive a copy, you may send an email to