Initially the IP department of a general practice law firm, TMP Intellectual Property was officially set up in 2018 to respond to an increase in demands from international and local clients to provide IP-focused services, requiring a larger team of dedicated practitioners with relevant expertise and sound knowledge in the field. The trademark and patent attorneys who founded TMP Intellectual Property and the qualified practitioners who have joined since keep close ties with the parent law firm and cooperate with their team of experienced lawyers on litigation cases.

Standing out from other IP local firms, IP practitioners at TMP Intellectual Property are known for being approachable and able to clarify national IP laws and technicalities with ease, making sure that partners and clients get accurate information and understand how their cases are being handled at each stage of the procedure. The firm takes great pride in its transparent and efficient process, offering pragmatic solutions and straightforward advice for a reasonable professional fee.

Located at the heart of South-East Asia, TMP Intellectual Property cultivates strong connections with reliable and well-established IP law firms in the region and assists local and foreign companies who seek to extend their business in neighboring countries.

Our philosophy

At TMP Intellectual Property, we strive to work, collaborate and communicate with long-term plans in mind: not only to ensure a sustainable collaboration with our clients and partners, but also to guarantee that our clients and partners will have their long-term plans and objectives realized.

This is achieved by following a strict code of conduct:

  • Providing the most comprehensible, transparent and honest professional advice on all legal matters.
  • Following up closely and on a complimentary basis all procedures and cases that we oversee and keep our partners and clients timely informed of relevant developments, to decide jointly of the next steps without missing critical deadlines.
  • Implementing a “no-surprise” pricing policy: all reporting and follow-up of cases and procedure is done free of charge. We will always provide our partners and clients a complete quotation prior to delivering a service.
  • Implementing a fair and flexible pricing policy: while we fix standard charges for most IP services, we ensure that the charges we apply will be reasonable and take into account the specificities of the case, of our client’s situation and the economic context.

Members of TMP have professional affiliations with several intellectual property communities, including the International Trademark Association (INTA), European Community Trademark Association (ECTA), International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI), MARQUES, Licensing Executive Society (LES), Pharmaceutical Trade Marks Group (PTMG), International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA), ASEAN Intellectual Property Association (ASEAN IPA), and Intellectual Property Association of Thailand (IPAT).