Anti-counterfeiting & Enforcement

At TMP, our Anti-Counterfeit & Enforcement team stands as a beacon of expertise and dedication, with each member boasting over ten years of specialized experience in Thailand. Our suite of services is meticulously designed to offer a broad and effective shield against intellectual property (IP) infringements, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients:

  • Market Surveys: We conduct comprehensive market analyses to detect and assess potential infringements, providing clients with strategic insights into the prevalence of counterfeit goods.
  • Investigations: Our skilled investigators deploy advanced techniques to uncover and document evidence of IP violations, paving the way for legal action.
  • Law Enforcement Staff Training: We offer specialized training programs for law enforcement personnel, enhancing their ability to recognize and act against IP infringements effectively.
  • Civil and Criminal Actions: Our team is proficient in managing both civil and criminal legal proceedings, employing a strategic approach to each case to maximize the chances of a favorable outcome.
  • Police Raids: In partnership with local and national law enforcement agencies, we plan and execute targeted raids to seize counterfeit goods and dismantle the networks that distribute them.
  • Customs Recordal and Seizures: We collaborate closely with customs authorities to intercept counterfeit products at the borders, preventing their entry into and exit from the market.
  • Negotiation & Dispute Resolution: Our experts excel in negotiating disputes, aiming to resolve conflicts amicably and efficiently, thus saving time and resources for our clients.
  • Website and Social Media Removals: We actively monitor and initiate the removal of infringing content from websites and social media platforms to protect our clients’ intellectual property online.
  • Public Relations: We manage public relations efforts to maintain and enhance the public image of our clients during enforcement actions, ensuring that brand integrity is upheld.
  • Trap Purchases: These undercover operations are crucial for gathering direct evidence of IP violations, which can be instrumental in legal proceedings.
  • Litigation to IP&IT Court: Our seasoned litigators represent clients in the specialized IP&IT Court, advocating vigorously to secure judgments against infringers.

Our approach integrates deep local knowledge with global perspectives, bringing together advanced strategies to protect IP rights in the digital era. This includes substantial work in online enforcement, where we focus on combating internet fraud, policing social media, and monitoring e-commerce platforms to thwart digital piracy and counterfeit sales.

Moreover, our team leads the field in preventive measures. We are proactive in issuing cease and desist letters, maintaining comprehensive watch services, and successfully negotiating settlements in complex and contentious IP disputes.

In Thailand, we utilize both civil and criminal legal frameworks to enforce IP rights vigorously. Criminal actions are particularly favored for their cost-effectiveness and expediency. These typically involve police raids conducted under lawful search warrants, leading to the arrest of infringers, the seizure of counterfeit goods, and subsequent prosecution by the public prosecutor in the specialized IP&IT Court.

By partnering with TMP, you gain access to a robust and comprehensive IP enforcement strategy, where every action and initiative is meticulously crafted to protect your intellectual property assets effectively and decisively. Choose TMP for unmatched expertise and dedication in safeguarding your IP in Thailand.