A company that hasn’t registered a patent for its new invention is vulnerable, no matter how much ingenuity, efforts and financial resources were invested into its conception. Indeed, if the product meets the company’s expectations and generates good sales, competitors would normally attempt to launch a similar product in order to enter the market and obtain their shares of the benefits. In the worst case scenario, the competitor won’t merely share the market but simply take it over, thanks to better marketing or newly added features, for instance.

Unfortunately, we know from experience that many companies, especially SMEs, are reluctant to initiate the procedure to obtain a patent at the beginning of the product development. Yet, in today’s rapidly evolving business world, patents are both a shield and a sword indispensable to all companies to remain and thrive in their respective market areas. If they fail to register patents for their novel products, they won’t have any tool to prevent competitors from copying their inventions.

With three patent attorneys and technical assistants having a scientific background in the most crucial fields, we are perfectly prepared to assist the owners of technology to obtain patents and petty patents (or utility model) in Thailand and other foreign countries.


Patent Registration Process in Thailand

Patent search

Generally performed once the invention has been developed, the patent search aims to assess the patentability of the invention, in so far as the state of the art is concerned.  

The search covers patents published and registered in Thailand and other information made available to the public.  

We will then prepare a report summarizing our findings and assessing the novelty of the claims vis-à-vis prior inventions.

Drafting the claims

If Thailand is the first country where you seek to obtain a patent, our patent attorneys can assist you in identifying and drafting the claims and specification for your patent application.  

We ensure that your interlocutor in this process is experienced and conversant in the field of your invention.

Translation services

If you decide to file a patent application in Thailand claiming a priority date or entering the PCT national phase, do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a quotation for translation services to Thai language.  

Our patent agents provide efficient and accurate translation services.

Filing & monitoring your application

Please contact us to obtain a full quotation covering all services from filing to grant of the patent at the DIP.

Once the application has been filed, we will monitor it free of charge, which may involve forwarding eventual office actions and advising you of the best course of action, informing you when the publication fee must be paid and when the substantive examination request can be filed.

Monitoring your patent

We will monitor your patent free of charge, which may involve informing you when the annuity fees are due and forwarding you any invalidation or cancellation action filed against your patent.

Patent rights enforcement & litigation

Having a patent does not guarantee that your IP rights will not be infringed.  

You can trust our professionals for all infringement cases, from collaborating with local enforcement authorities to defending your rights in court or representing you during arbitration or mediation procedures.

Licensing & assignment

Leveraging your IP rights might entail licensing or assignment your patents.  

We can assist you in drafting and recording agreements matching your business plans and safeguarding your rights.

Foreign filing

If your business plans involve commercializing your patented invention in other countries, we can help you in devising the appropriate strategy to preserve your IP rights.  

With a wide network of trustworthy associates all over the world, TMP-IP can also handle efficiently your foreign filings.