Thailand’s new fast-track trademark registration pathway

On January 3, 2023, less than one year after committing to a shorter examination timeline for trademark applications with a short list of goods and services, the Department of Intellectual Property set up a new accelerated examination process for trademark applications. The timeline from filing to issuance of the certificate of registration will be of only 4 months, which is a third of the average time it takes under the standard procedure.

Unlike the fast-track examination that was announced last year, applicants who would like to use this mechanism have to specifically request it. No additional official fee will be charged, but their application will have to meet the following cumulative requirements:

(1) The application must be submitted via the DIP e-filing system;

(2) The application must be a single-class application with no more than 10 items;

(3) The applicants should submit together with their application the search results for identical or similar prior marks (screenshots of the prior marks found on the DIP database may suffice);

(4) The applicants must provide a document, in Thai language, outlining the reasons why the examination of their trademark applications should be expedited (for example: a marketing plan or intended use of the trademark).

This latest fast-track procedure is however not applicable to trademark applications submitted through the Madrid Protocol, the examination of which is currently still significantly slower than applications filed via the domestic route.

Written by : Kanokrat Thangthong

Reviewers : Adele Marchal

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